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The Sentinel- Peregrine protecting its nest site

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine Falcon

Peregrines often find just one spot where they can perch adjacent to their nest site (in this case on coastal cliffs). They are restless observers of every thing that is going on around them and ferocieous defenders should an intruder pose a threat. I love the sense of a lofty perch, and the poertraiture of these wonderful birds.


The rivals

The rivals_edited-1In the winter of 2011 during the very cold weather, I watched Red-breasted Merganser males displaying in a corner of Langstone harbour. I hope this conveys the half light of a very cold winter morning, against a semi-industrial backdrop. I have included just enough of the detail of the birds to recreate the overall experience of being there. It was re-created from a couple of very quick sketches made with very few lines to convey the posture of the birds.


The crab apple raiders 2

Crab apple raiders 2_edited-1This is much bigger than the original, (about 36 inches by 24 inches) and is a move towards cutting out everything that doesn’t contribute to evoking the experience of observation. I seek to create memorable images that convey the deep enjoyment of the visual experience of nature. The part of our field of vision that is actually in focus is a fraction of the overall visual experience. The rest contributes colour, rhythm, movement- all of the things that malke up our sense of being alive.

Gramps is 90 (2) checking the football results

Checking the football results

Checking the football results

Being a good Edinburgh based Scotsman, the football results are terribly important. This is the second of a pair of portraits to celebrate his 90th birthday.