On Art, the Environment and Fishing

For most of my life I have loved fishing, and a large part of that has been enjoyment of the environment and observation of wildlife. I have actually reached the point now when I spend most of the time painting and observing; and the fishing rod stays in the car.

So on many many occasions, I have taken a sketchbook with me and some paint.

As I have become less mobile than I once was, I have reviewed my paintings over the years and have come to realise that they are a really powerfull visual diary. More often than not these days have been times which I have needed to devote to the problems of running a company, finding solutions to academic conundrums. I could sit down and write a detailed story about many of them.

These are some early water colours painted on John Lewis’s estate at Leckford in Hampshire, when I have settled to just enjoy calm peaceful “time out”.


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