Artists statement

I have spent absolutely ages trying to come up with a comprehensive description of what I do as an artist, and why.

Here is the latest effort, for the beginning of my final year’s work:-

I am a figurative artist with a deep interest in why depictive art is an important part of being human, and the way this relates to abstraction. On a practical level, my art seeks to portray how I feel about the world around me, which is usually quite optimistic. I enjoy the natural world, and the people in it, which is why animals, birds and humans in the landscape feature in most of my subject matter.

Representation, for me, goes far deeper than merely creating likeness’. There is an underlying abstract context to all of my work which is sometimes very dominant, and other times is much less apparent, but is the source of most of the struggle. Expression, therefore is a matter of composition, colour harmony, surface quality and a balance between intense precision and much freer elements. Always, I am reaching for something that is deeper, in the quest to create memorable images that connect with the observer.


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